Next Safetypowers Roundtable: 

Wednesday, July 10, 3pm-4pm PT

Safetypowers Roundtables are...

Online, interactive personal safety skills practice sessions open to adults with disabilities who are interested in learning ways to teach personal and emotional safety skills to their friends, family, and others. People who support people with disabilities are also welcome to learn and practice with us.

Supportive opportunities to build skills & get experience teaching, public speaking, strengthening workplace communication skills - and, for those who want more, nonprofit volunteer opportunities.

Professional-level coaching with safety expert trainers each with 20+ years of adult safety education experience, including ‘train-the-trainers’ facilitation with Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International (see,, &

Contact us to learn more!

Roundtable Leader, Erika Leonard
510-334-2242 or

Safetypowers Ambassador Brian presents
the Roundtables

Take a look inside a Safetypowers Roundtable!

Watch these Safetypowers Ambassadors during some of their early Roundtable experiences

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Help others learn!

Although we record all Roundtables for our internal use, participating in one does not mean that recordings of you will be shared publicly like the videos above. 

When we have great video clips like these, we ask participants for permission to share them publicly to help others learn. We also ask for written consent.

Many say yes - you can see some of them in the Safetypowers course
Many say no - you will need to participate in a Roundtable to see them in action! 
ALL of them are doing an amazing job helping more people be safe.

Join a Roundtable once or many times

You don't need to prepare anything or know anything special in order to join a Safetypowers Roundtable! Here's all you need:

  • Interest in learning how to teach and share safety skills
  • Willingness to support other participants by being kind and playing the role of 'student' while they take their turn to practice
  • Access to a device to join us on Zoom

Everyone gets supported opportunities to teach - if they want to!
When someone is taking their turn to practice teaching, a Safetypowers Team Leader gives them in-the-moment coaching and support so they succeed. The other participants help by pretending to be their "students."

Safetypowers Roundtables are a great opportunity to learn, teach, and get public-speaking experience in a supportive environment.
Each Roundtable has at least one Safetypowers Team Leader. The Leader guides the skills practices. Every participant gets an opportunity to practice every skill as a student or coach if they want to - and, they can choose to 'pass.'

We look forward to having you join us!
Contact the Roundtable Leader, Erika Leonard, if you are interested in participating or would like more information. 
We use the Safetypowers Course resources in every Roundtable.
This helps everyone get more familiar with the skills and ways to use Safetypowers to share skills with friends, family, and others.