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We are thrilled to work with you and your staff inside your two Full Circle Safety course modules for K-12 educators:

To start taking one of the courses now, just click on one of the links above and it will take you to that course's landing page. You will also get a confirmation email with links to the courses if you wish to start later.

If you have made a site license purchase for your team, you can start taking a course now while we prepare your seat manager access. We will email you made-for-you instructions so you can easily give your team access to one course at a time or both courses at once. 

You can also explore the Kidpower Online Learning Center and how we can help grow 'People Safety' skills for people of any age. Click any of the links below to go to one of our course catalog views:

We are so glad you have chosen Full Circle Safety to help you increase your student's safety!
Amy Tiemann, Ph.D.
Kidpower International Senior Program Leader
and North Carolina Center Founder
Irene van der Zande
Kidpower International Founder &
Primary Author and Executive Director