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Classroom Lessons

Kidpower’s Starting Strong curriculum is designed to make it fun and easy for educators to teach ‘People Safety’ lessons to groups of young children 3 to 7 years old.

Starting Strong Classroom Lessons includes video lessons, clear explanations, relevant social stories, and directions for practicing each set of skills along with adaptations for learning differences.

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What's included?

Learn 'People Safety' Skills

Learn important skills you can use right away to help you - or a person you support - how to make a problem better instead of bigger, as well as have better communication and healthier relationships with the important people in your life.

Learn Kidpower’s Four Keys to Teaching Safety

  1. Make it simple – because simple things are easier to remember.
  2. Be consistent – because consistent messages make more sense.
  3. Practice – a lot! – because repeated, successful practice makes skills stronger and increases confidence.
  4. Make it relevant – because people learn a skill faster when it seems useful.

Workbooks for each lesson

Puppet Power

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Practice Power

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Story Power

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Teaching team

MJ Hayes

Kidpower Senior Program Leader and North Carolina Center Director

Jennifer Huffman

Kidpower Senior Instructor

Antonie del Bonta

Kidpower Senior Instructor

Irene van der Zande

Kidpower Founder and Executive Director

Tech team

Amanda Golert
Senior Program Leader & Instructor,
Sweden Center Director
Eamon Saki
Technical & Office Manager
Mackenzie Mitchell
Technical & Office Specialist


 Bambo Cissokho
Singer, percussionist and composer, raised in a West African griot family in Senegal now living in Sweden. He is an elite percussionist within the West African griot tradition, and the rhythms play a central role in his music. Bambo is supporting Kidpower by donating the music your hear in the videos.
Facebook: Bambo Cissokho
Instagram: bambo_cissokho
Youtube: Bambo Cissokho