Kidpower Mini Safety Lessons

For Parents and Caregivers of Young Children

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Each of these short, fun videos shows a Kidpower instructor teaching a skill using puppets, a cartoon-illustrated story, and practices.
Also available in Spanish!

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Parents, educators and caretakers:

Watch with kids ages 3 to 7 years.

Use the mini guide to complete each lesson.

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Thank you to Community Foundation for Monterey Country for their support of this free resource. We also deeply appreciate their many years of support for Kidpower and their exceptional work in meeting community needs throughout Monterey County since 1945.
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ConoCE a lAs instructorAS

María Gisella Gámez

Kidpower Argentina and Cuba

Kidpower has been an essential part of my life since 2009 when I found this organization while searching for self-defense programs for children. I translate Kidpower International content and I am proud to be part of the training team and the Semillas de Seguridad (Seeds of Safety) team. I am the director of Kidpower Argentina and Cuba. 
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Roxana Marroquín

Kidpower Guatemala

I am a teacher and support children in their learning at home. I love how quickly and easily children learn Kidpower skills. I have been with Kidpower since 2014 and I am co-Director of Kidpower Guatemala. I am passionate about making instructional videos with the Semillas de Seguridad (Seeds of Safety) team and keeping people informed through social media. 
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Ana Fernanda Uribe

Kidpower Ecuador

I started my training with Kidpower in January 2020 and it changed my life. I am the director of Kidpower Ecuador and I love teaching online programs to families and parents everywhere. As a member of the Semillas de Seguridad (Seeds of Safety) team, I enjoy our work in producing videos that are available in the Online Learning Center and the teamwork we do to make Kidpower resources available in Spanish.  
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