School Shootings: How do we protect our kids?

As so many parents, educators, and caring adults are struggling with this heartbreaking question, Kidpower led a special free online program for adults on June 2, 2022, “School Shootings: How do we protect our kids?” We had such a tremendous response from the 250 people who enrolled that we decided to make this webinar widely available.
Subtitles available in English and Spanish!
¡Subtítulos disponibles en inglés y español!
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What's included?

  • 80-minute webinar
  • In action skill demos
  • 6 additional articles

Learn from an expert

Irene van der Zande, Executive Director and Founder of Kidpower International, shares stories, skills, and strategies on how to protect emotional safety, make safety plans, and take charge of safety. Irene brings over three decades of experience in safety education and youth development. 

Practice skills with us

In the webinar Irene demonstrates each of the skills presented and show how to practice them with the young people in your life in ways that are fun, not scary and age-appropriate.

Content Overview

Teaching and Tech Team

Irene van der Zande
Kidpower Founder &
Executive Director
Marylaine Léger
International Programs & Quebec Center Director
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Kidpower Ecuador
Center Director
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