Kidpower for Young Children

Teachers Activity & Resource Kit

New Zealand Curriculum

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Nine activities help you practise 'Safety Powers' with your group of children in fun, non-scary ways, supported by nine songs, three videos, 18 Kidpower Safety Signals, emotion cards and more.

Each activity provides concise information about the aims and easy-to-follow guidelines on how to introduce and practise the skills and how to use a variety of resources to support your group of children's learning (i.e. puppets, art, language and literacy exercises, songs, emotion cards, etc.)
They show how to use Kidpower's  Keys to Success to help children learn:

  • Make it fun – because people learn better when they are having fun
  • Make it simple – because simple things are easier to remember
  • Practise – a lot! – because repeated, successful practice makes skills stronger and increases confidence
  • Make it relevant – because people learn a skill faster when it seems useful

Comments from Readers

I have Walk Away Power!
- 6 Year old
The message is powerful and the evidence is clear; I'm already seeing the 'Powers' being used in the playground and classroom
- School Social Worker
We noticed a huge difference with our tamariki - they are feeling empowered!
- teacher
Awesome strategies to increase communication at home and help validate kids feelings.
- Parent
I know, we could use our Brain Power to come up with an idea
- 4 year old
This is a fantastic tool that we and the children use daily.
- teacher

Samples of Kidpower Songs

Move Away - Trust your feeling when something does not feel safe.
Private Parts - Private parts are private and when others need to touch them for health reasons, it should never be a secret.

What's included?


Common Issues Addressed

  • The Four Safety Rules  
  • Get Help Power 
  • Fence Power 
  • Rubbish Bin Power
  • Move Away Power
  • Stop Power
  • Letterbox
  • Get Help Wheel
  • Review & Encouragements

  • Understanding what IS safe? What is NOT safe?
  • Getting help safely and effectively
  • Setting and respecting boundaries
  • Verbal abuse
  • Staying out of trouble
  • Saying stop and stopping
  • Emotional literacy
  • Self regulation
  • Motivation
  • Safety Signals


  • Brain Power
  • Voice Power
  • Body Power
  • Boundaries for All Ages
  • Kidpower Safety & Consent Checklist
  • Get Help Power
  • Fence Power
  • Rubbish Bin Power
  • Heart Power
  • Move Away Power
  • Stop Power
  • Stay Aware Power
  • Stand Up Power
  • Calm Down Power
  • Check First Power
  • Hands and Feet Down Power
  • Listening Power
  • Mouth Closed Power

    • The Kidpower Song - English
    • The Kidpower Song - Māori & Samoan
    • Move Away
    • Safe Touch
    • Private Parts
    • I like Being Me
    • Yeeha Yeeha Go
    • Check First!

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    About the TEAM

    Irene van der Zande

    Kidpower International Executive Director and Founder, generously gave permission for the adaptation of the
    copyrighted Kidpower curriculum to suit New Zealand Early Childhood Education Centres, Kindergartens and Junior
    Primary Schools and contributed time, creativity and guidance to make this project possible.
    Patrick Jones - Course author

    Cornelia Baumgartner

    Founder of the New Zealand organisation, led the development of the Kidpower Young Children Activities & Resource project including adaptation, editing and production of the resources.
    Patrick Jones - Course author

    Amanda Golert

    Kidpower International Training and Curriculum Consultant, created the drawings.
    Patrick Jones - Course author
    • Simon Hartman designed the resources.
    • Fiona Bryan, Empowerment Trust National Executive Director, provided major administrative support.
    • Early Childhood and Primary School teacher Lisa Piper inspired the production of this resource. She adapted aspects of the copyrighted Kidpower curriculum, making it more specific to New Zealand teachers, whānau and tamariki. International Programmes and Quebec Director Marylaine Leger and Quebec Instructor Chantal Collin created the first Kidpower song in 2005.
    • Early Childhood Educator and Kidpower NZ Instructor Jan Sagar, Kidpower US teacher Jennifer Blackwood, Irene, and Lisa had creative input and field-tested the early songs.
    • Rick Stokes from 7th Sense Studio composed and vocalised some of the songs and recorded all of them.
    • Emily Bryan, Jahliyah Macdonald, and Janet Talamaivao brought the songs to life with their young voices.