Independence and Healthy Relationships Online Classroom Lessons

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Teenpower skills prepare youth for safer, more positive experiences with people as they take on more independence – online and in person. Recorded lessons, role play videos and student activities teach skills that help students to strengthen relationships with conflict resolution, consent, advocacy, boundary setting, and other communication skills and stay safe from interpersonal harm with strategies for taking charge of safety in public, at school, at work – everywhere they go, in person and online.
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What's included?

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Teaching videos

Safety skills are presented in a simple, quick, and engaging format.
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Practice videos

Our certified instructors show examples of how to use skills in different situations so you can  practice the skills with your students.
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Different safety topics that offer insight and skills to use right away.
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Guides to learn, practice skills and lead discussions.

Teaching Team

Avery Holmes
Kidpower Native
Avery is a Kidpower native and is currently studying Zoology at the University of Glasgow. He is glad to be supporting Kidpower by producing the Kidpower Shorts, which he hopes will be accessible and helpful to people of all ages around the world!
Erika Leonard
Senior Instructor and
Community Education Director
Erika has been on the Kidpower team since 1995 and teaches people of all ages and abilities. As the Kidpower International Community Education Director, she also leads our team in social media use. Erika also serves as the Kidpower California Program Director.
MJ Hayes
Center Director, Senior Instructor
and Senior Program Leader
Maryjane (MJ) Hayes is the Center Director for Kidpower North Carolina. She has been part of Kidpower since 2001, starting out with Kidpower Colorado. She first got involved as a volunteer because she wanted to help kids have a safer childhood than she did.
Jared Hayes
 Senior Instructor
Jared Hayes is the Finance Manager for Kidpower North Carolina and has been part of Kidpower since 2003. Jared believes strongly in the Kidpower mission and does this work because he knows these skills work and will keep kids safe in all areas of their life.