Teenpower Independence and Healthy Relationships Classroom Lessons

Teenpower skills prepare youth for safer, more positive experiences with people as they take on more independence – online and in person. Recorded lessons, role play videos and student activities teach skills that help students to strengthen relationships with conflict resolution, consent, advocacy, boundary setting, and other communication skills as well as stay safe from interpersonal harm with strategies for taking charge of safety in public, at school, at work – everywhere they go, in person and online.
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These courses are available to as many users among your staff as you need. Once we receive your enrollment as a school, we will issue you with as many no cost user access codes as you request.

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This course content is currently being developed. We are offering them at greatly reduced cost to our early adopter schools and agencies. Your input will help us make the next lessons we release even better. To thank you for supporting us and your feedback in this process, you will receive all new content we create in this course at no additional cost.

What's included?

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Teaching videos

Safety skills are presented in a simple, quick, and engaging format.
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Practice videos

Our certified instructors show examples of how to use skills in different situations so you can  practice the skills with your students.
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Different safety topics that offer insight and skills to use right away.
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Guides to learn, practice skills and lead discussions.

Teaching and Tech Team

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