Fullpower Healthy Relationships
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Developed with and for teens and adults with intellectual disabilities. Practical tools that build resilience and prevent bullying, violence & abuse.
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Who is it for?

Developed with and for teens and adults with intellectual disabilities, Fullpower Healthy Relationships is adaptable for younger ages. It is effective for a wide range of disabilities, including Autism/Asperger’s, Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities; dual diagnosis of developmental disability and severe emotional disturbance; Tourette’s Syndrome; post traumatic stress disorder; auditory and/or visual processing disorders; and physical disabilities that limit movement, such as paralysis, and/or that require aids such as walkers, braces, canes, service dogs, and wheelchairs.

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Meet the Fullpower Friends

Talib, Mike, Mei Lin, and Marama will become great friends as they navigate 60+ challenges and adventures together and during their day-to-day lives. Join them as they ride the bus, spend time with girlfriends and boyfriends, visit the park, go to parties, and find out what makes a healthy relationship.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Contents (free version)

Expected Outcomes

Independent evaluations confirm these outcomes as realistic:
  • Acquire relevant and useful risk reducing, social skills, knowledge, attitude and behaviour.
  • Build positive, healthy relationships with peers, people in general and supporters, family and caregivers.
  • Reduce sexual violence, abuse and neglect in families, Whanau, school and community.
  • Support users to better fit in, learn and reach their full potential.
Patrick Jones - Course author

The Evidence

Independent Evaluations

Several Independent evaluations have found that the programme was of high quality, easy to follow and enjoyable for students.

Consistent behaviour change

  • “Retention rates were good at least six months after the Healthy Relationships programme had concluded”
  • “Positive behaviour changes were noted both in the classroom, during break times and at home”
  • Educators and parents

  • "the shiniest tool in my cupboard because it is used most often"
  • “This programme is brilliant!”
  • “100% of my students have shown improvement”
  • "...she says no now and that just means so much in terms of her own safety"
  • Meet the Team

    Just some of the experts who have made and continue to make Fullpower Healthy Relationships what it is today.
    Irene van der Zande
    Kidpower International Founder & Executive Director
    Cornelia Baumgartner
    Kidpower New Zealand Founder & Programme Developer
    FPHR Ambassadors
    Our amazing Ambassadors from across New Zealand

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