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Fullpower: Boundary-Setting Skills

Learn and practices skills and strategies about boundary-setting to stay safe with ourselves and each other emotionally and physically. Learn how to use a boundary bridge to improve communication and how to persist in the face of common negative reactions to boundaries.
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Learn life skills in 1-hour

Learn at your own pace from this workshop recording (original broadcast: April 2020)

Get tips from experts

Presented by Kidpower Founder and Executive Director

See skills in action

Roleplays show each technique in action

Access bonus resources

Easy access to supportive articles and resources.

What's included?

  • 1-Hour video course
  • 5 Boundary techniques for different levels of intrusion
  • In action skill demos
  • 5 Downloadable guides
  • 12 Bonus resources

Learn from experts

Irene van der Zande, Executive Director and Founder of Kidpower International, shares stories, skills, and strategies on how to set effective boundaries, use a Boundary Bridge to improve communication, and persist in the face of common negative reactions.

Practice skills with us

Irene will demonstrate with our Kidpower California Program Director Erika Leonard and Kidpower Advocate Ruben Nieves how to practice different tips of boundary setting skills for yourself and others you want to support.

Teaching and Tech Team

Irene van der Zande
Erika Leonard
Ruben Nieves
Marylaine Léger
Mackenzie Mitchell