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Full Circle Safety: What K-12 Educators Need to Know About Human Trafficking

What K-12 educators need to know to recognize and report suspected human trafficking concerns.
  • Instructors: Amy Tiemann PhD and Irene van der Zande
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Fulfill some U.S. state laws including North Carolina's SB199
  • Certificate of completion

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What's Included?

  • 1 Hour training video
  • 1 Free book chapter from Doing Right by Our Kids Amazon best-selling book 
  • 2 Research reports for educators
  • Fulfill some USA state training requirements
  • Certificate of completion
Free chapter from best-selling book
This course's intended audience is for all K-12 teachers, staff, and administrators. Other adult community members are also welcome to take the training.

Recognize and Report Signs of Human Trafficking

K-12 educators, including teachers, administrators, and all school staff, are in a powerful position to recognize and report suspected trafficking, to protect our students and our community. This professional development course focuses specifically on what K-12 educators need to do to recognize and report suspected human trafficking.  This training is designed to work with “Full Circle Safety:  Sexual Abuse Prevention for K-12 Educators,” and also stands on its own. 

In this training, teachers, instructional support staff, principals, coaches, counselors, and other school staff who work with students will learn: 
  • Basic information about the 3 types of Human Trafficking
  • Understanding the vulnerabilities that increase risks for trafficking, and how we can support at risk-students as educators
  • Understanding the risk factors for human trafficking
  • Recognizing the warning signs of abusive relationships
  • Understanding the 6-step grooming process that traffickers use to lure and entrap their targets
  • What to do when trafficking or other abuse is suspected or disclosed

Skills for Healthy Relationships

Teachers will also learn how to teach safety skills to their students, in age-appropriate ways. Key Kidpower-Teenpower concepts for developing healthy relationships and preventing human trafficking include:
  • How to be a safe adult for students to approach for help
  • Kidpower-Teenpower emotional safety skills
  • Understanding how emotional “triggers” lead youth to make unsafe decisions
  • Taking the power out of those triggers
  • Making the Kidpower Protection Promise and Put Safety First Commitment to your students
  • Crucial words to say to a student who is disclosing potential abuse
Meet the instructorS

Amy Tiemann PhD + Irene van der Zande, Kidpower CEO

The dynamic co-author duo of Amy Tiemann PhD, and Irene van der Zande, founder of Kidpower, have a combined expertise of more than 60 years of advocating for personal safety, abuse prevention, and violence reduction. They have achieved this both by working together through Kidpower International, and by pursing their individual interests, including full-time classroom teaching, martial arts, organizational consulting, serving as a child advocate (guardian ad litem), and writing more than 20 books. 

Their co-authored best-selling book Doing Right by Our Kids: Protecting Child Safety at All Levels has been embraced as a core reference guide by families, schools and youth-serving organizations around the world.  A special "Tools for Schools" ebook excerpted from Doing Right by Our Kids is included as a bonus within this course.

Patrick Jones - Course author