Full Circle Safety Live

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How to Protect Students from Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking

The Full Circle Safety program teaches educators how to recognize safety problems and respond effectively, so that students will get the help they need.

This training is designed to fulfill the requirements for prevention-oriented child sexual abuse training mandated by "Erin’s Law” and other state requirements, including North Carolina’s SB199.
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  • Instructors: Amy Tiemann PhD and Irene van der Zande
  • Fulfill some U.S. state laws including North Carolina's SB199
  • Time: 2 hours of live training
  • Certificate of completion

Meet the program instructors

The dynamic co-author duo of Amy Tiemann, PhD, and Irene van der Zande, founder of Kidpower, have a combined expertise of more than 60 years of advocating for personal safety, abuse prevention, and violence reduction. They have achieved this by working together through Kidpower International as well as through their individual pursuits including full-time classroom teaching, martial arts, organizational consulting, serving as a child advocate (guardian ad litem), and writing more than 20 books.

Their co-authored best-selling book Doing Right by Our Kids: Protecting Child Safety at All Levels has been embraced as a core reference guide by families, schools and youth-serving organizations around the world. 

What's included?

In this special interactive event, leading experts Dr. Amy Tiemann and Kidpower Founder & CEO Irene van der Zande will teach you how to
  • Build your knowledge base to understand the risks and warning signs of sexual abuse and human trafficking.
  • Understand and stop the grooming process used by sexual predators.
  • Fulfill your legal responsibilities as a mandated reporter.
  • Apply classroom skills from Kidpower, including skills for building healthy relationships.

Course overview