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Benefits of our online training programs

Experiential Approach

Our online courses are designed to help you learn to use and teach 'People Safety' skills using our evidence-based curriculum. Through Kidpower's Positive Practice Teaching Method, you will learn how to coach people to be successful in rehearsing safety skills with examples that are age-appropriate and relevant for their lives.

 Global Safety Expertise

Since 1989, Kidpower International has been working with a worldwide community of leaders who are dedicated to bringing greater safety and confidence to everyone, everywhere. Our multi-cultural team has provided training and educational resources for people of different ages and abilities on every continent - except Antarctica ;)


Instead of using fear to teach about danger, we make it positive and empowering to learn how to stay safe and get help. Mental health experts highly recommend our programs. Learning how to take charge of your safety and protect others reduces the risk of trauma and promotes healing for those who have already suffered harm.

Impact stories from our participants

"When I taught my 8-year-old’s classroom to use a calm resting hand to get their adult’s attention for Safety Problems, I didn’t expect my own child to use it with me. That night, she started telling me about a difficult interaction she had had at school that day. Unfortunately, I was distracted and wasn’t truly listening to her. She got my attention by using her calm resting hand and saying in a clear and kind voice, ‘Mom, this is about my Safety!’ I then understood that my daughter needed my attention and help. I was able to get the whole story and provide support so she could figure out how to make her problem better instead of bigger.” Frédérique, mom of 3 kids, school parent volunteer
"It’s been revolutionary for my 2 sons, ages 7 and 9, to realize that they can put their hands up to protect their personal space. They are both very kind, gentle lads, and they used to let others walk all over them. I think they felt like the only option would have been punching, an idea they really didn’t like. But now, having spent many enjoyable hours practicing ‘Stop Power’ while Making a Fence with their hands, I can tell they feel more powerful and sovereign over their own space. They have learned that in most situations, they are able to protect themselves without violence.”
John, dad of 2 kids, Computer analyst
"I am deeply grateful! The Kidpower program is the 'parenting manual' everyone says kids don't come with. It is so important to know for ourselves and for our children how to set boundaries, practice safety skills, and communicate effectively.  Learning to use and teach Kidpower gives me an overwhelming sense of comfort and joy, because I’ve finally found THE PROGRAM that expresses all that is in my heart in the best way imaginable."
Alicia, mom of 2 kids, Online Child Protection institute participant

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