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Everyday Safety skills videos and visuals to help teaching staff prepare to teach or screen share when teaching live to children and youth ages 5-14 and their adults. 

Internal Kidpower Resource

Kidpower Everyday Safety Roleplays

How To Use This Resource

Check with your Kidpower Trainer or Supervisor to know which materials to use from this playlist that is appropriate for your current workshop (or training goal).

Roleplays Grouped by Skill Set

  • Emotional Safety
  • Boundary-setting & Advocacy
  • Get Help
  • Out & About Safety

More Roleplays Available!

We have a growing library with hundreds of videos to choose from. A small selection is available in this playlist.

Don't see what you need?
Ask your Trainer what to use. 
More videos available by request.

Sample Outline & Script Included

A typical live online workshop outline & script for kids ages 7-11 are included in this resource.

Don't see what you need?
Ask your Trainer what to use. 

More outlines & scripts available by request.

Bonus Visuals Included

  • Children's Color Safety Comics
  • Youth Black & White Safety Comics
  • Consent Safety Checklist
  • Boundary Rules Poster
  • More can be added on request

Playlist Overview

Resource Design Team

Marylaine Léger
Kidpower International Programs Director, Trainer, and Quebec Center Director
Mackenzie Mitchell
Technical & Office Specialist
Colin Léger Meilleur
Technical Specialist